Coffee Thermal Carafe (68 Oz) + Free Brush

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Brand: Vondior

Color: Stainless Steel

User Manual

  • AS IF IT WAS JUST BREWED - There is nothing like the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee or the scent of an herbal tea infusion, but many carafes fail to lock in the flavor. This carafe is designed with S201 double wall vacuum insulation, preserving heat for up to 20 hours and cold for up to 36 hours, when the lid is closed, thus locking in the aroma and the perfect temperature of your drink!
  • A GIFT THAT'S ALWAYS PRESENT - Finding the perfect gift for a loved one or close friend isn't easy. Living in the age of abundance, we simply have it all. But you can't go wrong with this carafe; it's a great gift for just about everyone. Suitable for home, office or travel, everyone loves a steamy drink in winter or an icy refreshing cooler in the summer. You're sure to hit the spot giving the gift of this carafe.
  • HARD-CORE QUALITY FOR SERIOUS HOT AND COLD DRINK AFICIONADOS - For a coffee, tea or hot chocolate fan, having a drink dispenser is essential. Daily use of such product often quickly ends their useful lifespan and thermal qualities. But our product's unique vacuum resistant design and 30-day quality control testing for heat preservation, place this 68 oz. (2 L) thermos at the highest rank compared to its competitors on the market!
  • THE HEAT IS ON - Sipping a hot cup of joe is not an option it's a must. However, pouring a cup, only to realize that the coffee is bitter and lukewarm is a bad start for a new day. With the Vondior Carafe your hot beverage will stay steamy throughout the day as if it was just brewed. Outdoors or at the office, keep your thermos at your side and enjoy piping hot coffee, tea, soup or whatever you love to drink, for about 20 hours! Don't play games with your coffee, it's your life blood.
  • 100% SATISFACTION AND A FREEBIE - Ordering on line, being disappointed and getting stuck with a poor purchase is frustrating. Don't gamble with your money, order the Vondior Carafe today, with its full 30 day money back guarantee. In addition, you'll receive a 10$ cleaning brush for your carafe, completely FREE with your purchase!


Ever feel your morning hasn't yet begun until you sip a steamy cup of coffee?

How frustrating it is to sip a carefully prepared beverage,
only to realize that it's tasteless and lukewarm?

How about going out on a hot sweltering day, grabbing for your cold drink bottle,
and suddenly finding that it's just as hot as you are?

If you don't like compromise on the taste and refreshing quality of a great beverage,
then you must own an Vondior Carafe.

Preserving the exact temperature you desire, it will be a delight to your taste buds with every single cup.

Different strokes for different folks, but all can agree that when it comes to a drink, it's got to be just right.
Whether it's a crisp bright flavored cup of java providing a rejuvenating kick, or an herbal infusion offering
a tranquil pause in a hectic day, or a heartwarming cup of soothing cocoa,
the ideal container to keep it perfect and fresh is the stainless steel thermos.

Perfect for traveling with your own freshly brewed beverage to work, school or wherever.
Even if you're not a fan of hot drinks, you will find this thermos perfect for an icy cold refreshing drink.

Whether at a party in your home or working at the office, coffee,
tea and hot chocolate are everyone's favorite beverage, especially on chilly days.
Entertain your employees or guests with a variety of carafes containing
their favorite drink and they won't stop complimenting you!

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